100% Geek

Hi There!

Hello. So this is one of those awkward posts, where I'm talking to you without having any idea of who you are or why you're here, nor indeed do I know if you know why you're here and who I am.

Well you can figure out that last bit yourself, if you're interested, and as for the rest, the waffle which follows intends to be addressing the why, because the point of this post is to give a brief history of this blog along with indicating my intentions for the future and beyond.

So, let's begin: the blog's big bang was six years ago, and since then I posted assorted articles. Most were crap and have been ditched; some were off topic and have been ported to either Sorcerer's Tower or Midnight Isle; and the remainder being any articles you see posted before this one, (excluding the handful of articles I've back-ported from social media streams, which may or not have been tagged accordingly).

That's your history. Now comes the useful bit where I attempt to explain the direction I'm aiming for with the future articles of this weblog, with a hope to informing you whether or not it's something you might wish to start or continue subscribing to.

So, here we go.

I'm a geek (I'd hope you would've figured that out by now, but maybe you skipped the title) and when I say geek I mean Internet geek, computer geek, fantasy and sci-fi geek, gaming geek, gadget geek - all those and more. Whilst this geekiness will undoubtedly underpin a significant proportion of what I'll be writing, you shouldn't worry if you don't consider yourself geeky; the topics will overall be striving to be sufficiently broad for general interest.

Unlike my other blogs, there are no fixed boundaries to what I'll be articulating here, but without a doubt the major proportions will involve the Internet, and technology in general, with other topics popping up sporadically depending on my moods.

The Internet

The Internet is massive, growing, and greatly misunderstood; it has transformed the world in so many ways - it's hard not to sound hyperbolic, but without the web we'd be in a different world - and it's important that both the web and the Internet containing it continues to evolve as a way to empower humankind, and not allow it to be another place to suppress and divide us - as many astronauts and astrophysicists have pointed out "from space, Earth has no borders", and the same is true with cyberspace; it transcends nations to bring all people together. A global, universal Internet - one that everyone in the world has unlimited, uncensored access to - is one of greatest tools humanity has.


As an enthusiast in both how things work and in how to make things better, there'll be technology posts in the vein of explaining and understanding what actually makes things tick, how computers can serve us better, and so on.

Whilst there may be occasional posts about gadgetry and hardware, the clear focus will be on how us squidgy bags of blood and bones interact with the ever more numerous and mysterious electronic devices we have around the place. This isn't because shiny gadgets don't interest me, but simply that there's nothing much new and exciting in the tech world today. It's basically all shit that should have happened at least a decade ago, and most of the time they're doing it wrong too. I'm still hopeful that someone is going to do something actually exciting at some point, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen; I ain't no Guybrush Threepwood.


Gaming-wise is kinda similar - you'll almost certainly not see any posts about World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or any similar things newbies waste time on today. There are some cool games out there, but for the most part ... well I've got some thoughts for hopefully interesting articles on older games - by which I mean firing doughnuts at flying strawberries, running away from evil monkeys, maybe touching on gauss guns and terminator carrots - but I've yet to see where those thoughts lead, so no firm plans there.

You're unlikely to see any fantasy and sci-fi stuff here - it's an interest but not a topic I'd consider myself able to write interestingly about, so I'm probably not going to try.

Of course, all this is subject to change.

One thing that wont change is the topics I cover elsewhere - anything that I deem more relevant to programming and web development, or posts that involve my photography and similar artistic endeavours - however if you want to see everything all in one place (or at least certain parts collected together) I have a simple aggregator which merges the posts from all my blogs and allows you filter them and create a custom view (with relevant Atom feed) for whatever posts you might be interested in.

So that's that. I hope it's given you some idea of what to expect, and that I'll be able to provide some interest and entertainment for you.

Until next time.

/me waves.